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Mechanical Engineering / Manufacturing Consulting

Anything from test fixturing to helping monitor your production line anywhere in the world. We have spent time in numerous manufacturing regions nationwide and oversees. We can help your company adhere to a higher standard of quality in your final product from proto to FQA, which will help reduce overall costs and improve product yield.

Computer Vision

At Autoroboto we have at least a decade of experience using computer vision, from research to integrating camera hardware into a final product where volumes have reached the +1M range.

Hardware / Software QA Testing

We have helped clients create and maintain testing of various hardware and software products. The previous applications range from proto device testing to making sure the stability of a consumer product is maintained that effects +500M consumers.

Data Collection and Processing

We have help clients collect data using new products for real world testing. The process of testing your equipment in real use cases can help build a more sound and reliable product. Contact us to learn how we can help with this.

How we work

Data Driven Engineering

At AutoRoboto, our designs are data driven. This means all of the decisions we make on your project will be derived from sound engineering principles. With a broad knowledge of various systems, we have the capability to work on projects, which are composed of the three major engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, and software). Let us help you on your next project.


Our Projects

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Electrical, Mechanical, Software


Electrical, Mechanical, Software

Robot Manufacturers

We have in-depth knowledge of the following companies robots and can help apply them to your application.



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